Baby Sexing Scan
(Available from 17 Weeks) £95.00

ltrasoundU scans can be used at any time of pregnancy to reassure you that your baby is healthy.  This examination is performed after 17 weeks (up to 40 weeks) and can reassure parents that their baby is growing well and that the pregnancy is progressing normally.

Many women find a follow up scan later in pregnancy reassuring even after attending their NHS appointment at 20 weeks.

Baby sexing scans are best performed after 16 weeks because they can be more accurate.  It is possible to determine the gender earlier but we advise a later scan for this reason.

The sonographer will perform a brief anatomy scan. Please note, not all abnormalities can be seen on all ultrasound scans so even if an abnormality has been found earlier in the pregnancy, we cannot guarantee to see it.

  • We will use measurements to check that your baby is growing as it should be and we will plot the growth on standard charts.
  • We will assess the amniotic fluid to confirm that there is a normal amount
  • We will tell you the sex of your baby.
  • We allow half an hour for this scan.
  • Note. Being able to Determine the sex of your baby will depend on the position of your baby and in some circumstances it may not be possible.

You will be given a Pregnancy Progress Report,  plus 6 printed thermal images to take away.

The cost of a private appointment is: £95.00

£40 deposit required to secure booking*
*Minimum 48hrs notice required to refund deposit