Presentation Scan
(38 – 40 Weeks) £95.00

A presentation scan can be performed to establish the position of your baby close to the delivery date.  This information is important for your midwife or obstetrician when planning your delivery whether it is to be a natural birth or by caesarean section. Ideally the scan should be performed as late as possible in your pregnancy.   As well as the position we will assess your baby´s growth and wellbeing but it can be quite difficult to obtain all measurements in the very late stages of pregnancy because of the size and position of your baby.

What do we look at?

  • Position of your baby
  • Confirm the position of the placenta (see Placenta Praevia)
  • Blood flow in the umbilical cord
  • The amount of amniotic fluid
  • Your baby´s heart rate
  • Your baby´s growth and size (where possible).

You will be given a presentation folder containing a progress report based on the scan results plus printed thermal images to take away.  Please note that the quality of the printed images supplied with this scan can vary because they can sometimes be difficult to obtain because of your baby´s position and size.

£40 deposit required to secure booking*
*Minimum 48hrs notice required to refund deposit