Growth and Wellbeing Scan
(28 – 40 Weeks) £95.00

rowthG and Wellbeing scans can be performed any time from 20 weeks onwards but is usually performed after 28 weeks to assess your baby´s development including growth.

The wellbeing scan does not include the same detail of the Detailed Anatomy Scan but is important because we can monitor your baby´s growth against clinical data.  Wellbeing and growth scans are a good way of tracking your baby´s growth against the data which indicates an upper and lower limit of normal growth.

Establishing your baby´s measurements are within the normal range is reassuring for parents and valuable information for your midwife.

£40 deposit required to secure booking*
*Minimum 48hrs notice required to refund deposit

What do we look at?

The scan is performed using traditional 2D imaging which is better for diagnostic purposes.  During the scan your sonographer will make a number of critical measurements and observations of your baby including:

  • Baby´s heartbeat
  • Circumference and diameter of your baby´s head
  • Length of your baby´s femur (leg bone)
  • Check the amount of amniotic fluid around your baby
  • Check the placenta
  • Circumference of the abdomen
  • Check blood flow in the umbilical artery using Doppler.

The sonographer will explain the scan to you and answer any questions you may have about the procedure.

The sonographer will produce a Progress Report from the above information and advise you accordingly.

The vast majority of scans are normal but this is a diagnostic examination so you will be made aware of any concerns the sonographer may have about the pregnancy or your baby´s development.

You will receive a presentation folder containing the Pregnancy Progress Report plus a DVD of the scan and printed thermal images to keep.