Is it possible to determine the exact date I conceived?

No.  Ultrasound is only accurate to within a few days either side of conception.  However, the earlier in pregnancy you have the scan the more accurate it is.

How early is it possible to tell the sex of my baby?

It is possible to determine the sex of your baby from approximately 13 weeks but we do not generally provide this service so early in pregnancy because it more accurate if done a little later.  We recommend a scan from 17 weeks onwards for this purpose.

Are all abnormalities seen on every scan?

No.  As your baby grows and develops more can be seen and some abnormalities or potential problems do not become apparent until later in pregnancy.

Can you tell how heavy my baby will be at birth?

An estimate of your baby’s weight can be given but because all babies grow at different rates in the last few weeks it is never 100% accurate.

Is a 3D scan better for diagnosing problems that the black and white 2D scans?

No.  3D scans only allow us to see the outside of your baby so although they can be useful in looking at defects such as cleft palates or abnormal limbs the 2D scans are better for general diagnostics because they can look at your baby’s internal structures and major organs.

When is the best time to have a 3D or 4D scan?

Our advice is usually around 23 – 24 weeks if you are having twins and 26 – 28 weeks for a single baby.  This is because the success of the scan will depend on your baby(s) being able to move around and the bigger they get the less room there is.

Does having twins affect a 3D/4D scan?

Yes it can.  It can be more difficult to get good images of two (or more) babies than a single one because there is less room to see.

I am a little overweight – does this affect the scan?

It can do.  Ultrasound pictures are produced by sound waves and if mum is overweight it can affect the clarity of the pictures because the sound waves have further to travel.

How many people can I bring to the scan?

We would recommend no more than 4 other people attend the scan with you.

Can I bring my other children with me?

Yes but please remember small children quickly become bored and can spoil the experience.  We suggest that children under 6 are not brought and request that they are all well behaved (easier said than done!)

Will you tell me if there is anything wrong?

Yes.  Every scan is performed by an experienced sonographer who has a duty of care towards you and your baby.  We will provide a report for you to include in your pregnancy notes and will explain any problem with you at the time of your scan.

Are your ultrasound machines as good as those in hospital?

Yes.  All our machines are modern machines that are regularly serviced and calibrated.

Do I have to tell my doctor or midwife that I have had a private scan?

No.  This is a personal choice.  However, you should be aware that if we find a problem then we reserve the right to let your doctor or midwife know if we feel it is in your best interest.