About Us

abyScanB Now are a team of experienced  Sonographers and healthcare professionals who are dedicated to providing the best possible scan experience for our patients.  At BabyScan Now we understand just how anxious expectant parents can get and how important and reassuring an ultrasound scan can be, not just because we provide the service but also because we are all parents too!

Our aim is to provide professional, affordable and confidential appointments at a variety of locations including Manchester, Cheshire and North Wales.  All examinations performed are diagnostic which means that in every case the health of you and your baby are our priority and we do not perform scans simply to produce pretty pictures or videos.  We feel that this is particularly important in the case of 3D and 4D scans which are widely available throughout the UK and in many cases are performed as entertainment rather than a as clinical procedure.

  • Care Quality Commission registration.
  • Only modern and regularly maintained ultrasound equipment is used. (GE Medical Systems)
  • A choice of locations with a variety of appointment times.
  • Dedicated administration team to answer your queries on 0845 470 71 71.

ememberR that ultrasound scans are an important method of screening your pregnancy to ensure that your baby is developing normally and that there are no obvious abnormalities which is why you will be entitled to two scans through the NHS.  In most circumstances, you will be eligible for a dating scan at around 12 weeks which will confirm the pregnancy and an anomaly scan at around 20 weeks which assess your baby for normal growth and development.  The NHS does not provide any further scans unless a condition is picked up that needs regular monitoring or you have a clinical history that suggests monitoring would be beneficial but even then it will depend on resources and time being available.  At BabyScan Now we provide the same examinations that the NHS provide plus a number of other examinations that may not be available to you through the NHS.

So whether you just need more choice about when and where your appointment is, a confidential and fast appointment, an amazing glimpse of your baby in 3D/4D or simply a little reassurance later in pregnancy we can help.

BabyScan Now is a trading name of Ultrasound Now Ltd which was established in 1996 as one of the first private ultrasound companies in the UK.  For more information about the work of Ultrasound Now Ltd go to www.ultrasoundnow.co.uk